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My Happy Birthday…

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I have been bad with my blog this year; the last post was in the beginning of the year and the comes closer to the mid year.

But I have always come here to share the pleasant moments of life and today my happiness would not be complete if I didnt write about my happy (or maybe the happiest) birthday in these last 26 years (i have qualms mentioning my age!!!)

Before I write further, i must thank all you lovely people who remembered and wished me birthday; I am touched; all those phone calls, text messages, FaceBook wishes, community messages- all mean a lot to me. I love the fact that for a moment of time, I crossed your minds; so here’s cheers to our friendship- let the sparkle get brighter all through the coming years.

So coming back to  May 8th 2012; a prelude to that!

As many of you know, this is my first birthday post marriage and for the person I am (whom my friends are familiar with, loves surprises) have been looking forward to this from January 2012, well right after Rajesh’s birthday.

Rajesh, my husband, first surprised me on the eve of his birthday. I was busy baking him a cake. That being my first attempt in baking, I was pretty disappointed when I couldnt slice the cake for the cream filling. “Why are you complaining, it anyway needs to be cut and eaten up- so what difference would it make if the slicing is crooked?”

I, most of times dont have an answer to his rational thinking.

A week before Valentine’s Day, I was checking receipes and asked him to get us a cake, the coming week to celebrate our first V-day. For the communist that he is (and I suppose he will be), it was unacceptable to celebrate love and the ‘usual’ question, why celebrate it on one day? And why on February 14th?

No amount of reasoning helped; but for my sake, he took me to the cinema and later some food on February 12th.

The next month, I was excited as March 11th was approaching; we were completing 6 months of a marriage.

I asked him what has he planned; he asks me, “Why give significance to the number 6 when you havent done that to 5 or 4?”

But he was kind enough to buy me some frozen custard from the nearby supermarket on our 6th month anniversary and later during the weekend we dined out (but we do that often!).

I had learnt my lesson, and since I am at my parents’ place- I had decided to do something on my own for my birthday.

May 7th 2012

Ever since i am at my parents’ place, Rajesh has been staying late back at work. I called him post my evening walk and unusually he was home early and somewhere in our conversation he mentioned about my birthday the next day. So I am glad, he remembers!!

Though we (well I) telephone him at the drop of the hat (all through the day); we spend an hour at night texting each other (Thanks to WhatsApp). We spoke about our day and he told me of all the stuff that he needs to finish the next day and some MIS report seemed to be the highlight, and not me!

May 8th 2012

As soon as I wake up, I run to my mobile phone, only to see a number of missed calls (from friends) and an sms from my husband wishing me a happy birthday (well the start isnt bad though). 

It was time to give him his wake up call.

6’o clock – he picks the call and requests me to call back in 5 mins. 

6.10 – he is feeling tired, he wants to sleep more and be woken up at 6.30

6.25– finally sleeps decides to leave him, and before hanging the call he wishes me happy birthday (it isnt that he is being indifferent, its just that a birthday is like any other day for him)…

I didnt actually have the time to brood over it, as the day was flooded with calls and messages. 

It was mid morning and I thought, its my birthday and if not anyone- I should do something and celebrate. I decided to bake a cake for myself (which I can also send over for Rajesh); since every time I do chocolate, this time it was an orange on the agenda.

I began working on it post lunch; and was chatting with some of my girl friends.

It was usual of Rajesh to send me a message around 3’ish in the afternoon; and he enquired how my day is progressing. When I told him about the cake i am baking , he texts back (after long stating) that he wants to bake me a cake on Friday and what flavour do I fancy.

SInce I was busy gossiping with my girlfriends, it was a smiley face that he got back as a reply.

1600 hrs

I was checking on my cake, when Rajesh calls. He is actually late today, his calls at about 15.45 usually. 

You think I cannt bake a cake?

I was a bit surprised and didnt know what to reply, “I didnt say you cannt bake a cake, but you are better valuating those semi finished goods and processes”

Hmm, open the door

“Where are you?”

Open the door

I leave everything to go to the door and find a bouquet of roses and a cake on the doorstep.

“Where are you?”

… and there comes my Rajesh (all tired and sweaty- thanks to the summer’s scorching heat and lack of parking under my building).

“What are you doing here?”

I have come to celebrate your birthday

Thats it, he hit the chord right- giving a head start to my very happy birthday!!!




Post dinner- Rajesh, my parents and myself sat chatting. 

Out of the blue, he asks, “Are you happy?”

I wasnt happy, I was (and still am) in a state of ecstasy…



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  1. very nice Sithara..first of all birthday wishes…and you have very good writing skills..loved your blog and cake is yummy….so finally you got to know the spark kindling in your hubby for you….may god bless you both…

  2. Hey Sithara, firstly lovely blog!!! Secondly, lovely cake, looks yumm!!!!
    Great to see your sparkling smile and wishing you loads of joy on this birthday and for the many more to come!!!!

  3. Happy Belated B’day 🙂 Loved your post. Really sweet and romantic of Rajesh. Wish you many more surprises like this in your life.

  4. This is the first time I checked your blog! AWWWWWWWW!!! Datz really adorable babes! Wish you unlimited years of love & togetherness!!!

  5. Sithu….I always wonder how u make even a bad day turn out to be the best ever……I mean the very though of u makes my day!!! I cant stop imagining how all this happened…..u shud really think abt writing a book….u get into ones imagination with ur words…….and im soooo happy for both of u….. remember u used to tell me that me n hanzil is ur fav couple…..and for me u guys are the perfect couple 😀 …. I m sure ur baby wud be blessed to hav such great parents…Lov ya both…and Happy Bday again sweety…..May u have wonderful happy and romantic ones ahead 😀
    p.s. Im so thankful to my dad that he stopped my education in India and brought me to AbuDhabi and made me join in an Arabic school….. 😀 😀

    • … lol and we meet in that school and started chatting (which i havent stopped to date)

      thanks for the lovely words da; do keep us in your prayers da.

      and book, i am thinking (have been thinking for a while and i think i will keep thinking for a while more) on it

  6. Hey Sithara,

    That was a wonderful peice of blog i came across.. ur bday.. delights.. surprise.. cake.. all lovely..
    It must have been such a great moment when u saw ur husband with cake on ur first bday post marriage…

    Lucky gal.. wishing u love n happiness all thru out..

    Must say, u r gud at entering ppl’s brain n thoughts n mesmerizing them tooo….with ur words..

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day.


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