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My 2011 Roundup!!!

… now this is a post which I had in mind from December (2011); keeping in mind that I have not written for a very long time, I thought I will do justice my writing a post on how my 2011 was, something like a looking back.

I hear a lot of people cribbing about this past 2011; some not so good things have happened to many of my dear and near ones, but is it really the year, because I think life cannt always be nice and rosy. If there are no downs, you surely wouldnt get that extra adrenaline rush when life takes you up.

2011 was eventful (in its true sense); I must share this interesting ride that I have had (jotting down the memorable ones, excerpts from my diary)


Its new year, new hopes, lots of celebrations and right in the middle of the month; achamma (grandma, i.e. dad’s mom) passes away. 

I was never close to my achamma; she was one of those people whom I used to visit every year when we visited my father’s ancestral home in Kerala.

She was a pleasant image of kindness. I remember of the times when she used to take my hand in hers and ask me stuff. She used to run her fingers in my hair and tell me, “You must apply oil, your hair will grow thicker and longer.”

She used to sit on something wooden (or was it something else); it was quite an airy room which overlooked the gate and entrance of the house. She used to look into far away distances with tears rolling down as she spoke of my cousins.

When dad broke the news, more than grief what came into mind was a picture of that room without her. Some kind of emptiness; I will miss her for something which I dont know!

But so is the way of life.


The year didnt start on a nice note; but of course we have a long time until 2012.

Its the “love month”, like every single (hopelessly romantic) girl I too was hoping for a surprise gift and card to come by my way from any stranger; but it was a dull month. Thank God feb has just 28 days; I wouldnt have been able to stand it any further.

MARCH 2011

I was waiting for March from January. I am on leave for ten days (yay yay yay!!!).

I spent my ten days relaxing at home, chilling out with friends and hoping that I could get my leave extended. Well the wish did come true but not the way I wanted.

I was returning from the spa (pampering myself as I get back to work the next day), when I got the news. We (my colleagues and I) get a notice that our company is closing in ten days. TEN DAYS!!!

I dont understand why is March unlucky for me (every single year!); so here begins my job hunt all over again.

APRIL 2011

A pretty blah month! There are no jobs more me in the market; I flunked my first parking test (though I cleared it in the second; nobody whom I know has ever flunked a parking test. Comeon who doesnt know to park!!); the summer seems to set in; I had to give away a Pataya trip (which I won in a Radio contest because I was still on my company’s visa but unemployed officially) and the usual;  handle people’s questions and my mom’s grumpy face because of my single status.

The first four months are over and havent been any great. No hopes for 2011 (buuuuuuuh!!!)

MAY 2011

Its my birth month.

And did I enjoy my birthday, every single bit of it. I actually celebrated my birthday on every weekend of this month. May has always been a joyous time for me every year; my birthday, mom’s birthday, dad’s birthday and their wedding anniversary. It is the month of celebrations and the icing on the cake- i passed my driving test.

How I wish every month was the May month!

JUNE 2011

… and half the year is over. I havent done anything great this year, it is not because I dont want to, but things dont seem to be in my favour as of now.

So the highlight of this month- parents introduce me to this guy, seems ok- educated, earning well, fine looking, well mannered but he is  confused. He tells me he likes me, but he isnt sure if should marry be but wants to marry me (which to date, I cannt figure what he wanted)- I found it stupid that I am hanging on to his decision for a yes or no. It isnt like he is the last guy on the earth and by hook or crook I should impress and get him.

But the real catch was, I have turned 25 this year, 25 percent of my friends are married, of those married- a good 25 percent is expecting their first kid and all this was taking a 250 percent toll on my parents.

After hanging on for his decision- the alliance was called off. There is a sense of relief but I am not sure how I will face my folks.

 But the good thing, I am happy- actually happier than I have been in these few months!

JULY 2011

I have heard of dreams coming true (for others) but never knew it could happen to me.

( I am smiling bright as I write this); on July 15th this guy and his family comes home. I have always wanted to be swept off my foot when I first see “my guy” and something of that sort happened as he entered home. A nice long conversation about nothing and we decide that we want to live our lives together forever and ever.

July gets  magical- I cannt wait for my mobile to ring, those text message beeps got my heart racing faster, I kept counting hours as when it would be night and we spent hours chatting. Days didnt seem to move to friday- when we met (again and again!)

He doesnt seem to promise me any diamonds or cars,  but I liked it when has promised to make me smile for every hour for the rest of our lives!


My oldest friend (or maybe I should say my first friend) is a mommy! Seena has given birth to a little doll, it was a real delight seeing her baby all wrapped up tight and she looking at her baby with such fond emotions.

Like the baby, I have wrapped myself too in a dream world and seena’s good news just added a sparkle to it.

But even before I come out of my fantasy world, I find myself boarding the flight to India. I am getting engaged this month on 22nd to Rajesh.

What followed made me believe I was one of those characters in a hindi serial;  series of phone calls, trips to the parlor, shopping for hours, running to the tailor, laughter and frolic with a house full of relatives. Suddenly everyone seems to fuss about me (how cool that can get!).

How I wish life just stopped there!


Every sunrise and sunset took me closer to September 11. Though I kept drifting through the dreamy clouds of happiness, things around me were zooming. For everyone (except me!) the mornings started earlier than it usually does and the nights were longer.

I noticed that my parents were beginning to look like zombies, no food or sleep; my cousins and uncles seemed to be on energy boosters but nothing mattered to me.

I am the bride!

On Sept 11- my day started pretty early, as early as 1.15 in the morning. With a quick visit to the Guruvayoor temple to the beautician decking me up at 4 in the morning- I realised I got married (5.30 morning) when the nadaswaram heighten to climax followed with the kuruva sounds the ladies made.

What followed that day and the month was a ball.

Sithara Sethumadhavan becomes Sithara Rajesh!


Life is a ball when you have a loving husband and doting inlaws. I cannt ask for more in life.

I have heard so many scary stories on how mothers in law ill treat their daughters in law. But what I got was an angel, if there was something like previous birth- I am sure she was my mom then.

With a heavy heart, I pack my bags from my inlaws’ house.

I am joining Rajesh in Dubai, and we start a life of ours!


We shift to our little nest in Discovery Gardens.

 This has been a hectic month; Rajesh had to squeeze time from taking me to movies to setting our house.

We have begun experimenting in our kitchen and making plans for our home.

We even got a thulsi and jasmine plant; we need to hang a nameplate outside the door, which reads  “Mr & Mrs Pillai”…


What a year it has been and to add to it, my best friend Asmi gives birth to a lovely bundle of joy. I have never seen a new born girl with such thick hair and big eyes, she is beauty!

Christmas and the then new year’s eve; all through the celebrations and joy, we let out one news ; we are parents- in- the- making; a tiny little one is joining the Pillai household in July 2012- mine and Rajesh’s baby!


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  1. Oooh, I find no words, Sithu kutty! I’m so sooo happy for you two!! There is no bigger blessing on Earth than becoming a parent!! 🙂 Congrats, dear, above all: Sookshikanam and just be HAPPY!! 🙂 :*

  2. Wow, loved reading it. Your world moved “worlds” last year ! Congrats on your wedding and the pregnancy ! May life seem ever beautiful to you always !

  3. Dear Sithara, I am so immensely happy for you both! I wish you’ll have an easy pregnancy and a safe delivery! Congratulation!

  4. Wow Sithara…. thats great news…. Many Congratulations to both of you… what a cute post 🙂

  5. congrats chechi…though the year 2011 started with a sorrow, it surely ended with a great happiness…Happy new year :))

  6. Hey Sithu….This is cool…njoyed reading all bit of it!! And congrats to Mr. & Mrs Pillai..and to uncle and aunty too for their promotion to grand parents!!

    May You have a blessed new year ahead with lots more happiness and joy around!!

    God Bless Dear!!

  7. superb summary 🙂 Enjoyed reading 🙂

  8. Congrats and Special prayers on the “Special” news of 2012 who is on the way to pillai family 😀 …. God Bless you all 🙂 Cheers !!!

  9. Congratulations on the joy that 2011 has bought you! Here’s looking forward to the even better gift coming your way in 2012!

  10. wow!!! Had quite a year I see!!! And had to read the December month once again, if I read it right…Kochu Kalli 😛 Congrats and am so sure u will make a dotting Mother :):) Oh the Courtship and wedding Day are the best days a girl can ask for 🙂

    God Bless you both and take awesome care of yourself…..


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