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; and I need to lose it all


Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.  ~Astrid Alauda

People from time immemorial have been obessed with their bodies, be it man or woman!




I walk back to our table, after closely inspecting the cake display at the cafe.

Me: Hmm, the chocolate cheesecake looks yum. I have ordered a strawberry tart for you and the cheesecake for me.

She: You shouldnt have! I am on a diet. I have put on a kilo from last month.

I looked at my  friend, head to toe; she must be on a BMI of 18 and this extra kilo will not affect her ‘underweight’ status compared to my own ‘healthy’ stature. Not knowing what to say;

Me: Shall i cancel the strawberry tart?



Me: Daddy, shall I serve you some more curry?

Daddy: No no. This is more than enough. I must begin controlling my food. You see this bulging (, and he points to his tummy). I need to get fit.

I look at him nibble on a piece of bread and some curry.

Me: I thought, you were hungry.

Daddy: That is ok. I must reduce my tummy.



Cousin: I really dont know what to do? Remember that new dress I got last month; that doesnt fit me anymore. Can you believe that? From the time I have been diagonsed with this thyroid, I am gaining weight. I dont know what to do?

.. she complains as she leans forward for a second helping of sukhiyan (a famous snack in Kerala)



Me: I want to lose weight. I work out in the gym, though I am getting smaller on inches, the number doesnt change. What do you suggest?

Friend (a nutritionist by profession) : If you really want to lose weight, you cannt be eating all that you are eating right now.

I look down at my plate filled with a serving of mashed potatoes, tuna and pasta salad, chicken nuggets and boiled brocolli.

Me: (pointing to my plate) you mean all of these?

She: Yes,  I mean all of these.



Most of us have issues with our bodies (including me); either we want to lose weight, gain weight, want muscles, smaller hips, toned arms and the wish list can go on.

For majority of the women (I know), including me; weight loss is the reigning issue of the world. We dont leave any article published on losing that extra baggage, we re-read weight loss success stories, we research on the magic diets for inspiration and motivate ourselves every second day.

I have met women who starve themselves (who live on mineral water for days) to get into a dress for an event.  I, myself been tempted to try the same (and ventured too ). Some of the popular diets I have seen and tried are; protein shakes twice a day with a low cal meal once; green salads and fruits all day; one day meat, another day bananas, and cabbage soups. I think it is time we take a break from this, be sensible and treat our bodies with dignity!

The human body, with its robust features is God’s organic engineering marvel. This marvel needs to be maintained and preserved; and do that sensibly.

Is dieting the mantra?

Many of us, for a quick weight loss resort to cutting on food and starving. Some popular arguments that we often hear are, “..but I am eating fruits and vegetables. I dont need carbs, i have enough fat in my body

Dont restrict any food group. You need the right proportion of all the nutrients in each meal such as carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals, and also fats. Starchy foods such as bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes are a really important part of a healthy diet. Starchy foods should make up about a third of the food we eat. They are good source of energy and the main source of range of nutrients in our diet. As well as strach, these foods contain fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins.

Some people (or maybe everyone) thinks strachy foods are fattening, but gramme for gramme they contain less than hald the calories of fat. Starvation, weight reduction pills, and fad diets are neither healthy nor long term solutions. (source: Moderation in diet and exercise- key to good health, April 26 2011 – Gulf News)

Your lifestyle needs exercise incorporates. Exercise three to four times a work at a moderate intensity for 45 minutes.

Men and women who lose weight through caloric restriction, without exercise, also lose bone at the hip and spine, increasing their risk for the bone-thinning disease, osteroporsis and fractures; a study shows. Adding regular exercise to a calorie-restricted diet helps shield the bones from the harmful effects of dieting.

“Exercise protects against bone loss during voluntary weight loss,” Dr. Dennis T. Villareal, who led the study, told Reuters Health. “Therefore, it would be important to combine calorie restriction and exercise to derive the benefits of weight loss and preserve bone.”

The action of muscles pulling on bones during exercise is thought to produce “healthy” strain on the skeleton that stimulates the production of new bone, the investigators note. The current study supports this line of thought.

“It’s important that calorie restriction not be seen as a bad thing,” Villareal said, “because it offers enormous benefits with respect to reducing disease risk and is effective for weight loss. Also, there is a real possibility that calorie restriction provides anti-aging benefits that cannot be achieved through exercise alone.”

However, to maintain healthy bones, “exercise should be an important component of a weight loss program to offset adverse effects of calorie restriction on bone,” the team concludes,(source .

Weight loss (in overweight and obese persons) is necessary; but it needs to be done in a fashion that doesnt harm your body and affect it adversely.

Maintain a healthy diet coupled with physical activity, not just for weight loss but also to keep your heart fit, bones and muscles in condition and to protect yourself from diabetes, cholestrol etc.

A healthy and fit body is not for  a day, it is for a lifetime. A good body is for yourself and not others. Be sensible and respect it!


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  1. Looks like you have put in a lot of efforts and readings into it really informative and helpfull. cut dwn on food to fit in is absolutely stupid and this is wat pple forget many a times.good wake up call sithu keep up the goodwork.and the efforts you have put in is really appreciable

    • ) Thank you. But whatever i have written is something which most of us are aware of but choose to forget. Hope this acts as a reminder to those who continue abusing their bodies. It isnt worth it!!!:

  2. Good going gal. Properly researched and compiled. Keep it up..

  3. Hey Situ,

    Neat work, with loads of research, i like i like 🙂 especially the short stories! great work

  4. Oh Sithara… Well written!!… I see that u have done a lot of research before putting it up. I truly agree that most of the people do know all these points but they still don’t follow it. Dieting never means starvation.. Its eating the right amount of food in the right portion without omitting any nutrients, including fat. The only way to healthy living is by eating right and work out well. And most of all…We are what we are.. We all cannot be Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor, etc.. Just by killing ourselves. We should love for ‘What we are’. No one can take our places in life. We all our special. Anywaz good job..I loved it.. 🙂

  5. “this extra kilo will not affect her ‘underweight’ status ” hahaha damn funny this statement…good job again siths!!! keep it coming!!

  6. You will like dis answer one of my uncles gave when asked about his big sign of prosperity (bulging tummy )

    ” Why should I bother about my waistline? Mundu (a traditional kerala attire) always comes in Free size !!!!! ”

    So cheers nd eat lotsa Masala Dosa’s …. Yummy 😉

  7. I Can see that you have done excellent efforts to study to compile this…wonderful tip packed blog…reminds me about the sayings by our Rishis “shareeram aadyam khalu dharma saadhanam” – meabing “It is the human body that must be attended to first of all by anyone who wants to follow the path of Dharma:- So it has got the highest priority”…happy writing ahead Sithu….kudossss

  8. Good one.

    well my wife is really falls in the category of FAT people.tats what she thinks.And one of the other reason she wants to lose weight is coz of my.i am avereage built and no matter hw much i eat i dnt put on weight.the lucky ones i guz.hehe.

    Well what i tell her to cut off the diet and just excersize..I dont blve in this diet whatever u want but do sum excersize also.tas enof.

    well gud article again.

    keep it up.

  9. Well said Situ, appreciate your understanding and your effort educating people on the importance of a human body.

    Your blog is influencing people to think as its truthful that one should respect his/her body and not just the shapes or few parts of it.

    As understanding the reality is important than providing solutions.

    Thanks for the informative read; will share it with my dear ones. 🙂


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