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A quick update!!

Hi people,

How are we all doing today?

I have not been writing (for over a month now) and am missing it terribly. But  my life had begun taking twists (bad) and turns (to the good again) and I had a pretty chaotic phase . I lost my grandmother, enrolled for driving lessons, was part of a flea market, spent a lot of quality time with my cousins, catching up with friends and yeah (the list can go on!!!) and all this kept my hands full leaving me with no time to write.

But I was very touched with a few friends who were concerned and pushing me to update my blog, esp Rochana, and here I am back on track!

I will very soon start with all my stories and sagas and you guys must write back critiquing and commenting me.

Wishing you all a good day 🙂

God Bless


About sithararajesh

I am fascinated with this world!!!

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  1. Rochana Bandara

    Hi Sithu,

    Thanks for mentioning my name on the blog:)…Awaiting to read some new blogs from you soon…

  2. O so tats y ur blogs were not ter.

    The first thing i do once i reach my office is check whter u and one of my other favrt person had blogged netg.

    So madam please do find time for blogging once in a vile oterwise i will get bored in the office. 🙂


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