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What does the stars say???

Hello people!

How are we all doing today?

Life has been moving at a  faaast pace and I have loads of incidents and experiences to share with you all. But before that- I am involved in a project and apparently this also happens to be a topic that intrigues me the most – astrology!

Before I continue this post, I request you to read further with an open mind and not to disregard matters (on which we dont have sufficient information) as baseless or nonsense. I used to do that before and realise my foolishness.

So getting back! Astrology in Kerala (my home place) is biiiig!

I have  been curios, how is that astrology affects a chunck of people in Kerala (and warned of dire situations if disregarded!) and the entire world is fine  being ignorant on it. This got me  reading on astrology (specifically Kerala astrology) and I was amazed so see the amount of calculations, time, and thought that is dedicated to it.

Scholars (in this field) define astrology (specifically Kerala astrology) in terms of grahnila (planetary positions), kuja dosha and several other elements. And my understanding so far on this is as follows; according to astrology- man is a bundle of energy and this area attempts to look at the confluence of human energy with the same radiated from celestial bodies. This attempt is based on scientific and mathematical calculations. And a lot of research and  studies go into it.

Further reading and researching; I came across a very interesting point (to across by a scholar). Everyone is aware of the moon’s influence on the sea waves; and we have accepted that the moon has the same effect on human beings- supported by Western studies. So why is that you refuse to accept that the other celestial bodies ‘ effect on human bodies? Just because there was no western studies conducted on it?

That is a very interesting question to ponder on but then if a majority of the world doesnt then why us (I am a malayali and come from the sect that bases life on astrology).

I am still studying this subject and gaining insights, and I want to hear from you.

I want you to tell me,

  •  what does astrology mean to you (your general take on it?) ;
  •  if you had to get a wedding union done based on your star readings- would you go for it?
  • if astrology was a part of your life, how do you think  life would be  (or maybe is now?)
  • You are an educated person, have a feel of the modern world; do you (dis) regard astrology as a bundle of deciet and lies?
  • Any interesting event/ story/ example, you would like to share with us on the above subject?

I understand life is different for everyone (from for my closest friend to my favourite cousin); that is  because we look at life and deal with it differently.

Nothing is right and wrong here provided we know what we are upto and what we want to achieve. So as my reasoning is on, I want to hear from you on this. Please understand this post is not to propogate any feelings against the subject, but purely for educational purposes (for me and for the project I am involved in).

Feel free to comment (below) your thoughts or mail me at

Looking forward to hear from you.

God Bless!

Love you all


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  1. Hey Situ,

    Interesting subject!!

    Well, my take on it is lil confusing….one part of me says that I do believe in astrology, or may be its my mom’s influence and the other part says, its just a way to feel good,i.e, if some work is not going our way…then we would blame it on stars…well, it’s something but i would like to believe….!!

  2. Wooooww, what a topic Sithu!! You know me, so you know how much i’m interested in astrology.
    Actually in my opinion astrology doesn’t show you what will happen to you. It shows what could happen. I strongly believe that when we are born, something is made written for us.
    As for me it’s like a cardgame. In the moment of born we got some cards, and it’s up to us, how to play with them.

  3. situu..well, tis one is realy interesting..infact i too (like many of tis generation)had d same kinda aversion towards astrology until i realised most of us hav textbookish knowledge of science & as long as d grades tat v get after mugging up the textual stuffs fetches us a white-collared job v r happy.. its difficult but v must accept thre r billions facts tat v dnt knw yet.. astrology in its best form is nothing but based out of pure scientific researches done over many centuries in india.. btw, since tis is usually beyond d understanding of normal mortals its easy to get dnt blindly follow wat an astrologer says..make ur own destiny n ur stars or d superpower(or watever u may cal it) wil b wit u..


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