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The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.  You just take it.  ~Roseanne Barr

You need to be liberated!”, she tells me. My quick response , “From whom?”

This is an excerpt of a conversation that I had with a lady ( a self proclaimed feminist) during a long flight to Abu Dhabi.

Months (close to a year now) has passed but this incident flashed my mind while i was in a work meeting.

A bit into the conversation; I was having a long flight  from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi and this lady was seated next to me. After a few hours and a not-s0-nice meal, we introduced ourselves and got chatty. We spoke about families, careers, interests, etc. And sometime in between she told me about she was a feminist. I thought that was a very interesting ‘something’ to be and asked her more on that and she spoke.

She was of the opinion that women in India are restricted and need to be liberated. “It is a man’s world. Even today if there are babies and if a partner has to stay at home; it is the mother who has to. Why does the father not stay and let the mother work? In the western world, we are atleast thinking on those lines but in your world you are not even allowed to think about it. You need to be liberated!”

My question that still remains is- women need to be liberated from whom?

So who are the male characters in a lady’s life?  Her father, brother, partner, son, friends? If she had to be liberated then why was there an initial association ?

Somebody once told me that they strive for women’s equality, “We deserve the same rights as the men enjoy”!

This was more interesting because we were having this conversation, while in the ‘Reserved For Women Only’ seats in a bus. If we are talking about equality then the first thing we must do is remove the “women’s only” boards. We are equal, if men can stand and travel, so should we be able to. That is what I think.

The other day I visited a government centre to update my civil identification card and it had a long queue of men outside the office. Just because i was a woman, they let me in. If we speak of equality then I should have been there standing in the long queue and wait for my turn.

Can I use the special prevelidges provided for women and complain. I dont know, can I or can we?

Back to the question,  so women need to be liberated from whom?

Women are not weak; the first among us  (actually) got a man to commit a sin!

According to me, a woman needs to be empowered if she is striped from her rights and it is not because of the men in her life; that is because she chose that (for herself).

She has a voice and she decides when to shout or listen. If she has made up her mind, no matter how much literature you come out with or how many bras you burn; she will do as she pleases! I know women (trust me on that).

If men dont respect women, then it is because they dont want them to. It starts from the home, it begins with mothers treating daughters and sons equally, it goes on with girls not wanting special favours ( because she is a girl), further more with a woman having a voice in her house and workplace.

For all my sisters who are reading this, ‘Respect and love the men in your life, they are there for a reason. You are the princess of your life and I know you have lived the life you want. You wanted freedom, you got it. You wanted to be dependant and you are. Dont blame them for what you have made your life of; you wanted it and got it.’

Some things in this world have to be done by women, like give birth to a baby. But again you need them for the creation!

You have a soul, a voice and it will always be yours!

Let us rock the world; love you all 🙂





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  1. awesome!!!!! really liked the way u think sithu!!! great piece!! probably it needs a place in a magazine!!!

  2. i tototally agree with ur view and if some women says women need to be liberated then i think its she who need to be liberated frm herself as all these equality is there in her mind

  3. Love it:)

  4. Masterpiece!!! 🙂

  5. Suresh Kuttinath

    Grandeur molu. I hope ur self styled FEMINIST co-passenger also read this so that she reckon the insight of an indian female b4 LIBERATION.

  6. Good one..

    Well i am sure this so called feminist will be using the privilge of being a women in any walk of her life.

    or she must have met all the worng men in her life.

    but ur view on this is really praisable..

    continue blogging to read ur blogs..

  7. Beautifully written…….. I loved it…
    It was surely something different and worth reading…. Everyone should actually read this blog of urs…. U wil be famous in no time 😉
    Becoz all dese are true facts put in simple words…

    • yalla, aarsha mole- help me publicise the blog. Atleast I will get some more freelance writing jobs then 🙂 By the way thanks da, all these comments encourage me to write further. You can join you blog’s page on Facebook too- just search Sithara’s blog…


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