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My (Long) Hair!!!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair

As a kid, Rapunzel and her hair fascinated me. I used to dream of me being Rapunzel and letting my hair down the window. Rapunzel was my role model. Correction- Rapunzel is my role model !

I am a malayali and come from a place where long thick hair is the ultimate sign of beauty. Hair length is significantly correlated with female attractiveness, as rated by men as well as women.

“Kids have short hair. You can grow your hair when you are BIG”, mom used to tell me every time she dragged me for a haircut, when I was a kid. I was maybe seven when I asked, “How big is big to have long hair?” and she set the age as 12. After that declaration, each birthday that came was special because I was getting closer to the age to “grow my hair”.

I remember the joy of getting my hair tied in a pony tail for the first time; and my happiness had no bounds when my hair grew long enough to be braided. For a year or so, my favorite past time was to get my mom braid my hair and to measure its length; and if ever she told me that my braid has got longer- she knew she had a good daughter at the dinner table that night.

As I grew older, hair became very very important not just to me but for the entire family.

Oiling my hair was a weekly ritual. The oil was not any hair oil available in the market; it was a special mix of castor and coconut oil warmed to a certain temperature before adding drops of lemon (soaked in lukewarm water for two hours). Every fortnight I had a special conditioning hair pack, prepared with measured portions of coconut oil, egg whites, yoghurt and lemon. And once a month I had the special Neelibhringadi oil massage. Neelibhringadi has a coconut oil base and prepared with herbs like Indian gooseberry, coconut milk, eclipta alba, cardiospermm, halicacabum, centella, asiatica, bacopa monnieri, indigofera tinctora, glycyrhiza glabra, abrus precatorius. This is a special preparation to cool the head and fight hair loss. All this did wonders to my hair. I had waist long thick hair (kids in my class would hide pencils in my hair and have a tough time finding it back).

My mom would proudly show off my hair ( as her achievement) to people. My grandmother would enquire in those international calls, “Is her hair growing long? Does it have volume?” Life was all good and I was close to being ‘the’ Rapunzel until…

I graduated from high school and was leaving for college in India; dad went silent for days- he didn’t know how life would be without his only child around, mom panicked realizing that my hair routine will go hay way.

During the first six months in hostel, I had just five people complimenting my hair, four changes in the shampoo brands (ayur, nyle, pantene, dove) , thrice missed oiling my hair, two food poisoning and not to miss my first alarming case of hair fall. Taking things in hand and in a fit, I booked an appointment at the nearest hair dresser and got my beautiful long tresses chopped right up to the shoulder; and there began my mom’s blood pressure increase!

Life took twists and turns (all reflected on my hair and mom’s blood pressure) ; I decided to return home. I was excited about my decision.

As I walked out through the green channel in the airport, I thought I saw my mom’s smile turn into a frown. Dad hugged me tight but when I got to mom, “What on earth has happened to your hair? Why is it so thin?”

Eight months have passed since then and I have promised my mom and myself to have knee length hair (which will probably take me another seven years). We are almost back on track with the hair care regime but with additions; I get a hot oil massage done once a month from a hair salon, my diet is “hair-healthier”, I use the egg-yoghurt-lemon-oil hair pack, weekly oil massages and the latest of all, mom blowing into my wet hair (an age old Kerala tradition to ward off evil eye casted on beautiful hair)!

For all of you reading this and who want to grow long hair, Join the Club! Register your support and lets create a forum where we discuss our hair issues and exchange tips (would require atleast ten supporting members for this).

Please note-hair loss, extreme dryness or any sudden change in your hair’s condition may be due to a medical condition, often thyroid issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner rather than from my blog. Some quick tips for “that” hair:

• Avoid using any heated appliances. It disturbs the basic structure of your hair.
• Don’t use any harsh chemicals. You will damage your hair follicles and that is the end of it!
• Try to avoid chlorine and saltwater. It causes hair falls.
• Never put your hair in any kind of style that will put undue stress on the individual hairs; again bad for the hair follicles.
• Avoid extreme diets. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, neither is your hair.

Most important (this comes with time and experience), it is not all about the hair. It is the person. No matter how long or short your hair is, you are a beautiful person and that’s what matters.

Having said that, I STILL WANT LONG HAIR!


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  1. Such a good and well-worded, soul touching writing, Sithu! really..
    Well, from my side, after kindergarten when I went to school, I had short hair for many years, actually everybody thought I was a boy..but I liked short hair, so I got used to the comments. I kept short or above-shoulder hair style during the first years of high school too, then I let it grow quite long but due to a stupid, funny bet with my male friends, I had to have it cut to 2 cm..and believe it or not, I liked it a lot, and after the first shock, others liked it as well. During university years, I just let it grow long and since then it’s just like that. But to be honest, I cannot really do anything with it..maybe because I’m too lazy or I’ve lost my trust in hair-dressers.. Anyway, I haven’t given up on my dream that once I will have a really good-looking, stylish, feminine long hair-style! 🙂
    Keep on growing it, Sithu kutty! 🙂

  2. Wonderful draft Sithu… You again proved ur command over Engish…never thought that someone can write so much about hair…good 🙂 Well, i understand how important hair is as I started loosing hair these days 😦 will try out ur tips 🙂 take care and write more and more….Congrats !!!

  3. Good post dear. I really love the way u write.
    Do u remember Balaton? That time u told me: Brigi, u should grow your hair! Well, it’s under process. 🙂

  4. Woah situ good one, u become an advisor on hair too huh! its always pleasant to read ur stuff 🙂 so creative and out of your heart. Helps us to know u better. Muah

  5. Your writing skills are excellent situ. BTW i still remember the homemade oil – it really used to smell bad;-)

  6. gud work de..enjoyed readin abt ur hair days.. got som useful tip on growin hair… put som old pics in which u hav long tress.. 🙂

  7. Can u tell me how to make hair pack at home?

  8. Hello, i have heard that mallus have a long beautiful hair. Even m a south Indian, i wish to grow my hair to knee length; could u plz suggest me how to make home made hair oil and pack. 🙂


    • Hey vids…

      hopefully we both have our knee length hair soon.

      so here goes the home made hair pack receipe

      – 1 tbsp your regular hair oil (i use coconut oil)
      – 1 tbsp yoghurt
      – 1/2 lemon juice
      – 1 egg white

      mix well and apply on your scalp for 20 mins before your bath.

      hope this helps 🙂

  9. Hi There !
    Really enjoyed reading your blog.. U actually deserve a WOW for it ! and can you please give some info about the neelibringadi oil and where do we get it and stuffs ? I would love to get my lost hair back, I had my hair below my waist length until college 1st year, and that is when the real danger came.. hair fall 😦 people advised that hair ffall will reduce with a trimming, and that trimming has got my hair to shoulder length now but hair fall has not stopped 😦 at times I just wanna scream and shout at people who speak about my old hair.. it has become that bad.. hoping to find some comments from you ASAP.. and thanks for writing in advance.. 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply. you should be able to find neelibringhadi kerathailam in any of the ayurvedic shops or try for the same online. this is a very cooling hair oil and so i suggest you apply this for an hour before you wash it off with a good shampoo followed by conditioning 🙂

      • useful t ips . I m also having hairfall problem . After using this oil i never stop hairfalling . is this oil for daily use or weekly use . Use shikkai powder or shampoo wen u trying this oil . u told
        abt 1 hair pack is it suitable for everyone . pls clarify my doubts. J want my hair to grow

      • I oil my hair weekly. The hair pack I suggested can be used by anyone. It is 1 tbsp ur regular hair oil, 1 egg white, 1 lemone juice, 1 tbsp yoghurt. Apply this generously on to your scalp and keave it for 20 mins and wash it off.

        Along with a healthy diet and stress less lifestyle if you stil notice hairfall I suggest visiting a doctor.

  10. You can see that people are getting bald or at least having thinner hair due to these and many other factors.
    Hair loss has become a very common problem these days but this was not the case if we
    look back in the history. Skin Health: Biotin helps to revitalize
    the skin and improve shine and color.

  11. Sithu, could you advise if Neelibhringadi oil is better or Kunthala kanthi oil? Could you explain the main difference?

    Do I just concentrate on rubbing it into the scalp or do I have to distribute into the hair strands too? I plan to apply the oil for 15-20 mins before washing my hair.

    Like many of your readers I used to be able to sit on my butt-long hair when I was in University. Sadly I have reached the age where suddenly white hairs are sprouting:(( I almost never, ever have white hair until now. If that is not traumatic enough, I notice my hair has been thinning too!

    Hence the desperate scramble to try to stop hair loss. Please help!

    • Oh dear…

      I so very understand,how you feel. My vote goes for neelibhringadhi. My suggestion- slightly warm the oil and concentrate on the scalp and just rub through your hair strands.

      Do it once a week along with a protein rich diet. This should help.

      Good luck

  12. Which brand of neelibringadi oil do you use, kottakal arya one?
    Should it be used daily each night then wash in morning or use daily each morning leave it for 10-15 min then wash off? I read it stains….

    Are there ayurvedic ways to wash off the oil, I don’t want to use shampoo and I never use conditioner.

  13. Have you used any of the kottakal arya hair oils? Do they really work? I see them in one shop but they look really yucky, like some look solid not liquid with sediment settled at the bottom.

    I want to be vegetarian but I feel I need to switch back to eating meat because my skin and hair look terrible. Any daily meal ideas? Any specific rices to eat that are good for hair? Diet tips? I’m South Indian too….

  14. i too had thick and long hair which made my collage mates to jealous…..each day…. It was my own previlage to carry long hair braided … As days went…. On i concentrated in my studies and went on ..nw aftr my degree i could find my hair loss…thinning …split ends….fairy knots…..seriously worried ….tried all possibl way …. Now my long hair turned into my dream…. :((

    • dude i hav used neelibringadi till my college days….. My frnd told that oiling luks dull nd made my self to stick on her…..ther went all troubl … Nw for past …8mnths tried using chembaruthiyadi , many other oil frm many shops…oops….tired .. If i c my earlier snaps …i feel crying seeing ma long thick glowing hair …pls help me out …shal i nw start ma try with neelibringadhi…..i often do henna also..rply me plsssssssssssss

  15. sithuuu waiting for ur reply…..plssssssssss do hav a look on my prblm… 😦

  16. will u please mail me the details of that castor-coconut -lemon routene oil?


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