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The “They” in My Life

 Please note: “They” refer to my family, relatives, friends, family friends and everyone else.

When I was in high school they were interested to know what subjects would i take in college. I disappointed them when I didn’t choose medicine or engineering (in India medicine and engineering are the courses studied by the intellectuals; whereas commerce and arts are for the stupids).

 When I was finishing my Masters they were so interested about me getting a job. I disappointed them when I travelled alone to Budapest to work (according to the Indian standards- an unmarried girl living alone is easier to go astray).

 When it was close to a year of work in Budapest they were so interested about me coming back to home. I disappointed them by actually coming back (they wanted to talk about it more; gossip about me).

 When I got back home they were interested in me finding a new job or husband. They have for long been asking and doing the husband search for me but after two disasters and several rejections- they have kind off signed me off as the “unmarriable material”. So the next big thing they were behind me was why is that I can’t I find a job? I was jobless and doing nothing at home (I was happy and content; but their concerns were pressurizing me).

 When I found myself a job they want me to get a driver’s license. It wasn’t until long did I realize that I am suffering from amaxophobia. Amaxophobia is an intense fear of riding in moving vehicles. Well I don’t mind travelling in moving vehicles but my fear, no; my phobia is to drive a vehicle which can move. I hate bumper cars in a controlled circuit; how can I ever drive in an uncontrolled road where people drive as though it is their backyard?

 I just realized that they have registered interest in my life. I wish I could block and delete them; but before that I visualize life without them:

• No phone calls and/or text beeps

 • Nobody telling me what and when to do

• Nobody telling me how much weight I have gained (when I have actually lost half a kg)

• Nobody with whom I can gossip

 • Nobody telling me those “when I was your age stories”

• Nobody to lie and hear back lies

• Nobody telling me “why is it lovely to be married” and realizing my unmarried status tell me “why having a husband is a pain”

 • Nobody complimenting me when they realize that I have had a huge complex with this super beautiful girl around.

• Nobody to rest my shoulder on.

• Nobody to burst into tears.

• Nobody to tell how my day is

• Nobody to nag about anything and everything on earth

• Nobody to drive me around town

• Nobody … actually my life will just stop if they are not in my life!

If you are among the “they”, no matter what role you play in my life; I have realized that life is worth living because you are there in it. Thank you for being the they in my life, you mean the world to me!

A big hug and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Thank you for everything!


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  1. Lovely… There was a trun in the story … not as i excepted..! 😉

  2. Manu papparambil

    nice twist and turns

  3. hmm..true true..but sometimes, however much I’ve also come to the realization that actually ‘they’ are my everything..still, I’m mostly thinking about the different ways to escape ‘them’, I mean their criticism, their expectations, their calls and so on.. It’s trange to cope with this ambiguity every day, but your writing represents very well this inner confusion.. Don’t give up, it’s still your life and however selfish it may sound, my philosophy is that we shouldn’t on any ground mistake our love and respect for ‘them’ for living their dreams, fulfilling their wishes, while forgetting about yours! Let’s hope that we can find a balance between ourselves and them..

  4. Hey,

    This was the bestest article, i have ever read! or u have ever written! Truly awesome blossom!

  5. I just LOVE the way of your storytelling!

  6. loved the way the twist came up… and u just opened an eye 😉

  7. Hi Darling

    Now you are seeing life..this is called as life. with many twists and turns….dont bother with all these ideas which are not yours..parents are there for giving all that crap for us. but ood but most of some they may fetch good but most of time they irritate.i mean the decisions or advices given by it right.

    see i always believe in what i am.just will some time accept the reality.every thing in this world is not free lunch or spoon feed. my policy is to be cool work hard,try the new stuff,enjoy my life hope for the best…

    take this policuy or try. u might feel the solace….

  8. One of the best blog I follow and one of the truly amazing post !!

  9. i am happy to be a part of ‘They’ in your life. good work sweetz

  10. Missing ‘THEM’ is worse than having ‘THEM’ around !!! stange bt true 🙂

  11. the day has already come where everyone is listening to you and ofcourse speaking to you though it is through words.


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