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… when my world goes away!

 I am, no- let me put it this way, “was” very excited about my 47 year plan. I was beginning to lose weight; got tickets booked for travel and life seemed to flow the way I wanted; but all this till yesterday. I was having this coffee talk with a colleague and the topic threads led to 2012 and the world coming to an end. I have seen the movie, 2012 (the science fiction disaster adventure film directed by Roland Emminech) and was then taken by awe. I can’t imagine my life coming to an end in another 2 years. I have so many plans, dreams, my wish list and most of all I have just begun to live my life.

So back to the coffee talk, what started as the usual morning catch-up session ended up instilling fear in me. My colleague has read and written articles on 2012 was pretty convincing and assured that all my fears of the world coming to an end is real. She could give me all the reasons as to why this can happen, leaving a horrified me( the Mayan calendar, planet Neru, something with the earth’s magnetic field and again something with the sun’s surface).

I rewind slightly backward to May 2010. I have quit a good job (for my parents’ sake!!!), looking for another(very difficult), unwanted advises pouring in (irritating); parents tensed with their daughter’s single status (not my fault); to make things short- life was HELL! I remember thinking if life is meant to be this – then maybe God MUST consider taking me home soon! I fast forward to the present- October 2010. I am happy, content, and satisfied. I have no reason to complain. I thank God for this life as a blessing.

She leaves my workstation giving me the fear of having no time. I want to be around  for some more time. But if the whole world is over, why would I want to be the “lone survivor”- it can get boring.

No, I want life to go like this, happy me, happy parents, ok-ok world and our ok-ok ways in life. If it must go, it must all go together. But still I can’t have the world end in another two years, because:

• I want to see a “slimmer” me.

 • I have not been to the North Pole.

• I don’t have XXXX amount in my bank account.

• I don’t have a wedding picture of mine!!

• I have not collected my Master’s certificate yet.

• I don’t know to cook the perfect Sambar.

• I can’t apply make-up well.

• I have not had the perfect surprise birthday party!

• I have not written a book.

• I have not seen the world.

• I have not done enough good to people.

• …… And so many other things!

 How can the world come to an end with more than half my wish list unfulfilled? I have heard someone say; if you need to know the value of time- ask the lover at the airport waiting for a flight to land!

So from today, I have decided to live my life to the fullest. First thing I am doing today as I get home is tell my parents how much they mean to me; what if the world decides to come to an end earlier and they never get to know!!!


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  1. well! I worte this comment before and it was erased!!! Should I change my mind on what I wrote, is it a sign!!!
    I think the world will come to an end since my comment was not accepted LOL!!
    Well, I wanted to tell that the world will come to an end story has been going on since ages and yet we still live on earth 🙂
    Just that fact that we are still alive makes this theory FALSE!!
    I am sure I will have a phot of you and me on your wedding day, I am sure that I will be one of the first to buy your book, I might not be with you when you collect your Masters Certificate but I will still send you a card:)
    When we both go to the North Pole I am sure we will see a slimmer you 🙂
    Anyways, I am sure that most of these will happen after 2012.
    And we will survive, the world is eternal.
    Let your collegue and all those sick people get a life:)

  2. Well, if 2012 is true or not let’s just forget about it and live our lives to the fullest!
    Number your to do list and start with the easiest thing to cross it! Rememeber “First things first” then gradually move on to the next..
    You are beautiful from inside and that what it counts, you just start exercising for your health and for your own confidence, not for anybody else!
    Like we say in Arabic: “Yilli 3ajabo, 3ajabo, ou yilli ma3ajabo, Allah ma3o”. Sirene can translate it for you!!!
    We, the girls are excited to see you in your wedding gown, take fotos with you.
    Don’t forget we all are coming to celebrate your big day with you..
    You are one of the nicest person I have met in this country and I wish you all the best!

  3. sithu….i am planning to get married atleast thrice before 2012….who knows if i dont survive atleast my children will….and in case i am the lone survivor after the 2012 disaster then i think i would do a remarkable job at repopulating earth….what do you think?

    You keep writing girl…….and i picked up my masters certificate….spare the sambhar for that someone special :p……keep in touch…

    • Rewin!!! I cannt imagine you and your kids as the lone survivors of the Earth. I have always wanted to keep in touch; just hoping that you will get into another offline mode!!! Do keep coming back to my blog- its a great motivation 🙂

  4. Situ amazing work! good to hear abt ur unfulfilled wishes;)

    And tell us also know how much we mean to u 😛

    he he good work baby! keep it going!

  5. How much you achieved in 2012????


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